Free Listening Flashmobs!

As part of the Hug The World Tour, we’re organizing various Free Listening events in the cities we visit. You’ll find us

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Help us to help you!

You’d like the Hug tour to come to your city next year? Take a minute or two to fill in our online form, or contact Luke directly here.

We’re kicking off soon, and this is where you’ll find blog posts on the Hug the World Tour 2018. In the meantime…

Where will the Hug The World Tour be in 2018?

Melbourne, Australia : July 22nd-August 6th:  Inscriptions and info here.

Lyon, France : 5th-9th September:  Inscriptions here | Contact us here for information. 

Cambridge (Burwell), UK : 14th-16th September : Inscriptions and info here.

Paris, France : 20th-22nd September : Contact us here for information. | Inscriptions here.

Houston, USA : 22nd-26th October  Contact us here for information.

Los Angeles, USA : 5th-11th November :  Inscription to be confirmed. Contact us here for information.

Houston, USA (2nd date) : 19&20th November : Inscription to be confirmed. Contact us here for information.

Lisbon, Portugal : 14th-16th December. Inscriptions & info here

Dublin, Ireland : 19th-21st of December : Inscription to be confirmed. Contact us here for information.

You can contribute.

Right now we’re putting together the teaser video for the tour. We’d love to see you, and your friends saying “Hug the world!” Click here or on the pandas above for more information.

Huge thanks and hugs to everyone involved 🙂


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