With Verbal Aikido™, the Hug the World Tour provides simple, practical tools for dealing with harassment, verbal violence and bullying. Our world-renowned fun-to-learn tools empower you to become autonomous and competent practitioners.

The Hug Tour commences in July, bringing the training and support to schools, communities and solidarity initiatives in over 20 countries around the globe. Click here for the latest info on destinations.

For more information about Verbal Aikido, check out our free resource sites www.verbal-aikido.com (English) | www.aikidoverbal.com (French).

Get involved

You can help us!

Right now we’re putting together the teaser video for the tour. We’d love to see you, and your friends saying “Hug the world!” The video below gives you an idea.

Please follow the guidelines in this document  (ici en français) and send them via WeTransfer to lucia[at]verbalaikido.org.




What does the Hug the World Tour provide?

1-, 2- and 3-day Verbal Aikido training programs*.  From initiation to our belt programs*, with support and certification for participants to become autonomous facilitators.

What validity does this training have?

Now an internationally recognized and pedagogically empowering trade-mark training, content and testimonials on Verbal Aikido can be found in the books and the various free resources on the websites. Already available in English, French and Portuguese, Verbal Aikido is a rapidly growing and evolving practice that embraces and blends with all it encounters, finding “Ai-kis” in even the unlikeliest of places!

What are the benefits of this training?

  • Hope and a clearer vision of the alternatives and options that give practitioners a greater freedom to manage relational difficulties.
  • Adaptable tools and resources to freely practice autonomously or in practice groups.
  • Autonomy to develop, expand and share the art with the Verbal Aikido community.

*Contact us by mail for more a full overview of our training programs or make an appointment directly with Luke here.

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